Autrey Law Firm - What a Civil Lawyer can do for you?

What a Civil Lawyer can do for you

Civil law addresses non-criminal cases that involve property or legal claims of people. Civil lawyers may represent an individual or an organization in a legal dispute.

In simple words, if an individual or a business wants to sue someone, they hire a civil lawyer.

Here’s a list of common types of disputes in which a civil lawyer can represent you:

  • Real estate disputes
  • Landlord and tenant conflicts
  • Personal injury cases
  • Divorce cases
  • Cases involving gay rights
  • Cases involving immigration laws
  • Disputes in contracts

Each of these types of cases has its specific intricacies and relevant laws. Therefore, there are civil lawyers who specialize in a specific type of civil law and represent clients in such matters. As a defendant or plaintiff, it is recommended that you hire an attorney who is a specialist in the field you require services.

How does a civil lawyer work?

When a civil lawyer takes on a case, he first builds his case by collecting all the relevant information. He may interview everyone involved in the case and study all the relevant documents such as contracts, etc.

The attorney can also solicit specific information from the opposing party by serving discovery requests.

Based on the data gathered, the attorney assesses a fair claim for his client.

The lawyer also takes depositions from witnesses and files motions.

A civil lawyer also hires expert witnesses to support his case.

The attorney tries for an out-of-court settlement for his client by negotiating with the opposing attorney.

However, if the case does not get settled, he represents his client in the court of law in front of a jury or Judge.

He presents his case in the court and argues with the opposing attorney to ensure that his client receives the best compensation.

To fulfill all these responsibilities, you will need an expert in the field.

Here’s a checklist of the qualities you should look for in a civil lawyer:

  • He should be licensed.
  • He should be experienced in the type of civil case for which you require representation.
  • Always look for a civil lawyer who has good negotiation and communication skills.
  • The civil lawyer you choose should be empathetic and patient.
  • It is beneficial to choose a civil lawyer who is well-connected. Usually, civil cases are complex and may warrant expert knowledge in areas such as finance, immigration laws, or tax laws, etc. A lawyer who has is well-connected with such experts will be able to present the case faster and with accurate data.
  • Last but not least make sure that you choose a civil lawyer who is trustworthy and someone you feel comfortable with.

Hiring a law firm to represent you in a civil case is a great option because a law firm has expert lawyers in different types of laws. Besides, they have a centralized database for all the information about the client which can easily be accessed and appended by other experts in the firm if required.

Autrey law firm is one of the best law firms with expert civil lawyers who are well-experienced in representing clients in a variety of civil cases.


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