Autrey Law Firm - Suspected of Committing a Crime? Here’s What you can do?

Suspected of Committing a Crime

Anyone can be accused of committing a crime. However, the crime needs to be proved beyond reasonable doubt for the individual to be proved guilty.

An individual may find himself being suspected of committing a crime. This may be based on a complaint lodged by someone or in case the police find some incriminating evidence against the individual. Whether you are guilty or not, US law provides certain rights to its citizens under which they get a fair chance to defend themselves.

Here’s what you can do if you are suspected of committing a crime:

If you are accused of a criminal offense, you are not bound legally to answer all questions. You have the right to consult a criminal defense attorney before you speak. This will protect you from divulging information that the accuser is trying to extract from you which he can use to his benefit.

Even if the police try to question you, you have the right to tell them that your lawyer will answer them on your behalf.

In case you are summoned to the police station for questioning by the police, you are not obliged to attend the interrogation. However, in certain cases, it may be favorable for you to tell “your side of the story” to the police. In such cases, even though you are not legally bound, you can consult your lawyer and tell your story to the police.

During the initial stages of investigations, if you are the suspect, you may not be aware of the facts in your admission that may be used against you in court. Therefore, you must hire a criminal defense lawyer at the earliest.

The penalties in case the criminal charges are proved against you are quite severe. Therefore, you cannot afford to make changes and only an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you in such matters.

The criminal lawyer will not only inform you about your rights but also advise you on all aspects of the case. Besides, he will advise you on the best way for you to present your story so that it is in your favor.

Criminal lawyers are the best equipped to represent you in a court trial. This is because they are conversant with all the legal aspects and know the best defense strategy that will help you. Besides criminal lawyers work with a team of paralegals, legal assistants, etc. who collect all the data that can support your case. This data may be in the form of evidence and witnesses who will support your case.

An experienced criminal lawyer is aware of the courtroom rules and regulations. He has the skills to argue your case effectively in the courtroom. He is also skilled at cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses.

Therefore, make sure that you hire only the best criminal lawyers who are not only knowledgeable but also well-experienced.

Autrey Law Firm has a team of experienced criminal lawyers who can provide you the best defense strategy to win the case!


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