We at Autrey Law Firm assist our clients regarding divorce, child support, child custody, and other areas of family law cases, creating strategies specific to their needs and requirements. While marriage is a beautiful alliance for most, for some it can turn out to be a painful ordeal. While the facts may vary from case to case, our highly esteemed, experienced and dedicated team of divorce lawyers in Minot, North Dakota can be consulted if facing any of the following issues are there in a marriage:

– Lack of compatibility

– Divorce by mutual consent

– Adultery/ Infidelity

– Cruelty

– Fraud/ Misrepresentation

– Conviction with an offence of moral turpitude

– Unreasonable desertion/ abandonment

– Impotence

– Venereal disease

– Conversion to a different religion

– Renouncement of world and worldly desires.

– Presumption of death

The common tendency – to keep sitting on a problem until it gets bigger leads to complications such as ending up in false and frivolous litigation. One must remember that although 100% fairness cannot be expected from life, at the same time, there are acts that one cannot. So, when a spouse committed an act that cannot be condoned it becomes important to take the right legal advice and adopt an effective recourse. If a conflict out of disagreement is given an ugly turn and threats are extended – of any kind of harm wrongful persecution, one should consider consulting a divorce lawyer immediately, to know their options to save from frivolous litigation. While at a nascent stage of a dispute, documented mediation, reconciliation, and marital counselling can effectively help resolve, however, a delay may cause these recourses to lapse leading to further escalation of the dispute or sufferings.

Whatever may be the reason, the process of divorce involves a multitude of challenges, and with a proficient team of some of the best divorce lawyers in Minot, North Dakota, we at Autrey Law Firm strive to bring ease to the client while advancing right guidance and observing effective legal remedies for their cause.