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Committed a crime and facing an uncertain amount of time in prison? Contact Johnson and Autrey Law Firm today and guarantee your freedom. Johnson and Autrey provide experienced and knowledgeable criminal defence attorneys in North Dakota. The legal assistance and advice that comes with hiring an attorney from Johnson and Autrey Law Firm will benefit you in the long run in case you’re facing state charges or federal charges. Our attorneys have the knowledge and resources necessary to work toward the best possible outcome of your case. Get in contact with a criminal defence attorney at Johnson and Autrey Law Firm today.

A criminal conviction can result in a stiff sentence including prison time and hefty fines. Some criminal convictions can result in a permanent criminal record and affect your ability to rent an apartment, drive your car without getting pulled over by a cop, or even get hired for certain jobs. Especially if you are an immigrant, a criminal conviction may result in deportation or removal. It is your right under the United States Constitution to have legal counsel present when you are questioned by the police. If you are facing criminal charges in North Dakota. Contact the criminal attorneys in North Dakota in Johnson and Autrey Law Firm for immediate assistance. It is very important that you obtain the advice of qualified counsel as soon as possible – before you talk to the police or a federal law enforcement officer.

At the law firm of Johnson and Autrey, we have the experience and the knowledge needed to provide aggressive defence against a wide variety of crimes, including state and federal charges. As certified criminal law specialists, Johnson and Autrey Law Firm is a team of highly regarded and dedicated criminal lawyers in North Dakota who have successfully defended thousands of clients against a multitude of crimes.