Which Type of Lawyer can Handle Sexual Abuse Cases?

Unfortunately, sexual abuse cases have become frequent these days. Victims of sexual abuse get perplexed to choose the correct attorney for their case. Police focus on the criminal aspect of the case, but you need a personal injury attorney on your side, specializing in sexual violence cases. You need an experienced lawyer for such a personal and delicate case. 

If you have been sexually assaulted, you must be aware that filing your case to law enforcement personnel will result in a criminal investigation, which criminal charges will follow. However, you might not know that you may also be eligible to file an injury lawsuit against the culprit or assaulter to get the settlement you need for recovery. An experienced injury attorney will help you to know the legal options available. 

How is sexual abuse different from a criminal case?

A sexual assault criminal case starts when a crime has been committed and reported to law enforcement authorities. If the investigation of law enforcement leads to an arrest, then the prima facie or the suspect is charged for the crime. To convict the defendant, a prosecutor needs to prove beyond a doubt that the booked personnel have committed the crime. If the defendant is proven guilty, then he/she will be punished with probation, imprisonment, or fines. However, the criminal will not compensate the victim, and the victim does not have much say in how the case should be portrayed, whether a plea should be accepted or not, etc.

A sexual assault or abuse suit is filed on behalf of the victim, and the verdict is determined based on evidence. This means that the jury member or judge decides whether the abuse has occurred or not. With the evidence or proof presented by the lawyer of the victim, If the judge determines that the abuse occurred, then the jury looks at the compensation sought by the prosecutors and determines a fair settlement according to the damage or injury. A civil suit does not try to determine the defendant’s guilt or innocence but rather determine whether the defendant is liable for the victim’s damage or injuries.

Why do you need a personal injury lawyer?

For a sexual assault victim, finding the right lawyer is imperative. You will need an experienced lawyer in civil law. A tort is a civil law that causes emotional or economic harm to a person, for which the culprit or the assaulter is legally liable. Civil torts of all types that lead to economic harm or injuries are covered in personal injury law.

Every personal injury lawyer does not have experience with sexual assault cases, so it is important to get an experienced lawyer who specializes in handling these types of cases. An experienced injury lawyer will help you to understand the requirements needed in case filing and will help you to get reasonable compensation for your damage.

Final word

Sexual abuse cases are rising rapidly, so it is the need of the hour to take proper legal action against the assaulter to deter them from doing these heinous acts. Your injury lawyer will help you to get justice for the abuse with their skills and experience.