What you Must Know About Criminal Investigation?

Whenever a crime is committed, the criminal needs to be identified and penalized for the crime. The legal system in the US entails that the accused is tried in a court before a jury and Judge and proved guilty without a reasonable doubt. The public prosecutor leads the case against the accused and the criminal defense lawyer GF tries to prove the innocence of the defendant.

The public prosecutor builds the case against the victim based on the evidence gathered through a criminal investigation.

A criminal investigation is carried out by a criminal investigator to study the crime and apprehend the potential criminal. A criminal investigation entails ascertaining the motive for the crime, the methods used and finding the identity of the criminal.

The criminal investigation becomes difficult if the criminal has left no conclusive evidence such as fingerprints, etc. In such cases, the criminal investigator conducts an analysis of the “modus operandi.” Modus operandi is establishing the identity of the criminal based on the pattern of the crime. Professional criminals generally follow a technique, a methodology for committing the crime. Investigators identify the criminal based on such methodology besides other data. They gather information such as lists of stolen properties, details about automobile and firearms registrations, and more. They may also gather details such as dry cleaners’ marks, bank transactions, etc. All the data gathered is either from public records or from police informants, undercover agents, etc. Methods such as wiretapping and security surveillance may be used for investigation. However, these techniques are subject to legal restrictions.

Interrogation of the suspects is another method used by criminal investigators to establish a connection between the crime and the suspect. However, the depth of interrogation is restricted and it should not infringe the legal rights of the individual.

Crime laboratories assist criminal investigations as they are equipped to analyze physical evidence using chemical analysis and other types of analysis.

Modern investigation techniques include voice printing, etc. Another investigation technology that is making its presence in this field is DNA fingerprinting.

In case of homicide, a forensic investigation may be conducted. Forensic investigation implies the analysis of blood, urine, analysis of evidence such as hair strands, etc. to establish the identity of the criminal.

Other investigation techniques include:

  • Photography
  • Photomicrography
  • Document examination
  • Ballistics
  • Crime laboratory tools, and more.

The criminal investigators conduct a detailed investigation using one or more of the above techniques and more to establish the motive and methods used for committing the crime. These details help identify the criminal.

The public prosecutor uses the details provided by criminal investigators to prove the suspect guilty without a reasonable doubt. In a criminal case, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. This implies that the prosecution is required to establish that the suspect is guilty of the crime. The defense lawyer is not required to prove the innocence of the defendant.

The criminal lawyer GF only needs to raise doubt in the minds of the jury about the case presented by the prosecution.

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