What to do when you are Accused or Arrested for a Crime?

If the police have arrested you for a crime, the consequences can be devastating. Hire an attorney who will represent you in court and will try to get the verdict in your favor. Getting convicted for a crime will hurt your professional, social, and personal life. So, you should try your best to get acquitted of the charge. The first step is to hire a professional and expert lawyer, take care of all the proceedings, and ease off some of your burdens.

Why is a lawyer necessary?

An experienced lawyer has a thorough knowledge of the judge and their mindset, which can help them strategize the proceedings accordingly. A lawyer brings all the knowledge and experience together to ensure the judge gives the best verdict in your favor. Proceedings could be arduous if you try to be a lone wolf. 

Without prior experience in law, it can be difficult for a person to fight the legal battle. Once you are proven guilty, your life can turn upside down. So, we always recommend getting the best lawyer on your side to protect your rights and make sure the penalties get reduced. 

What happens when you get arrested?

First, when the police arrest you, you will likely be detained at a correctional facility or a local jail until you make your first appearance before a judge in court. It is crucial to know that you should not speak to anyone (except your attorney) about the reason for being arrested because those statements can backfire, as they will use them against you in court.

In your first court appearance, the authorities will inform you about your charges and rights. They will also inform you about additional rights depending upon whether the police have charged you with a felony or misdemeanor. It is vital to know that you should not make any statement at the first appearance about the charges. 

If the police come and arrest you for a misdemeanor, there is a chance of pleading guilty or not guilty in front of the judge for you. Plead not guilty until your attorney has advised doing the opposite. If you have been charged with a felony and have pleaded not guilty, the judge will schedule the next hearing date and order bail for you.

What if you are accused?

It is better to contact your attorney immediately after being alleged or accused of the crime. An accused can remain silent before the law. A court will summon you to appear at a specific time and date for your first appearance. The authorities will issue an arrest warrant if you do not appear at court on the scheduled date and time. Contact your attorney. They will direct you through all the proceedings and help you to plan your statement before the judge.

End Thoughts In both cases, whether you are arrested or accused, hiring a lawyer is essential. A lawyer will protect your rights and ensure you are not devoid of exercising any rights. And, if you do not have any law background, you might execute some blunder, resulting in losing the case.