What to do if you are arrested for DUI in Grand Forks?

Driving under the Influence (DIU) is considered an offense of driving, and the data reflects that DIU happens more than we could think. In DIU, the driver of the car is controlling the vehicle while impaired by drugs or alcohol. If you have been arrested for the same offense, then you have to take some steps like the ones listed below for damage control.

  • Contact a lawyer

DUI is a serious offense that can have a very devastating consequence if you get convicted of it. It is not a standard violation of traffic where you can get away with a $20 fine and a slap on the wrist. Given the solemnity of the offense, it is always recommended to act smart and get the guidance of an experienced lawyer on your side to help you with the legal system.

A conviction for a DUI charge can lead to incarceration, vehicle seizure, suspension or loss of driving privileges, or an increase in insurance premiums. The penalty and punishments depend on many factors like the seriousness of the incident, whether it was your first time or not, and surrounding circumstances.

An experienced and professional lawyer will help you get the best case result. A criminal defense lawyer has the expertise in handling these cases. They can present facts and turn the table to drop or reduce your charges.

  • Detail the incident

The penalties of DUI are determined by the seriousness of the offense. Therefore, detailing the incident meticulously is crucial for developing a strong defense. This means you need to have a proper account of the incident prepared for your lawyer or attorney.

The best possible way to do this is to jot down everything chronologically, from the venue you left, to how and where you were driving, arrested, and processed. Write everything you remember about the incident, no matter how trivial it might seem. While you may think these details are irrelevant, they can help your attorney build a strong defense and potentially drop or lessen your charges.

  • Be calm and yet proactive.

Once you have a professional lawyer for your case, they will handle the further proceedings, take some burden off your shoulders and relieve stress. However, this does not mean that you have nothing more to do with your case. Stay in touch with your lawyer to provide them with everything they need to defend you adequately and correctly. You must be presentable and attend all the hearings of your case. In short, you should take charge seriously and dress elegantly.

The verdict of your case may take time, so make sure to take care of yourself properly. If you are one of the working professionals or a student, then keep working or attending. Stability and consistency are the key factors. Judges often consider these factors before levying penalties. Do not take these charges lightly because the consequences could be distressing, and getting your name on the offense book can also hurt your professional life.

Wrapping it up Remember, humans, are bound to make mistakes, so it cannot define people. But how you learn from those mistakes and move on defines you. So, do not be afraid if you have committed the mistake unintentionally. Remain careful next time to ensure it does not get repeated in the future.