What are the misconceptions related to Child Custody and Divorce?

Do you feel that the best output of your marriage is your child? You are not alone, and almost all parents feel the same. Going through the stress of divorce and child custody can be a daunting experience. Both mother and father feel vulnerable to keeping the kid to themselves. In such a situation, one should proceed only after consulting an experienced divorce attorney. Even if your divorce is mutual and settled outside the court, go to lawyers to ensure no issues in child custody. People have many misconceptions related to child custody and divorce. Let us address some of these in this article today.

  • Will I have to pay for the child’s expenses if my ex-partner does not let me meet them?

There is no link between child custody and child support. According to the Family code of conduct of the courts, not allowing visits does not justify not paying child support. If you do not invest in your child’s growth and education, it will affect them and not the other partner. Your child is your responsibility. You will be doing contempt of court if you stop paying for your child’s expenses. It has nothing to do with visitation being on hold.

  • Can you go for a vacation with your child outside of the state?

Divorce is a hectic process for parents and children alike. Kids are more vulnerable to emotional outbursts. They will soon live with only one parent, which is not easy to accept. As parents, you might think to give your child a break by going on a vacation with them. But the question is can you take them out of the state with you?

You need written consent from the other parent or an order of the court for this. When you are on the verge of being separated from your partner, things are not right between you two. It is difficult for the other parent to trust you and let the kid visit out of the state. That is why there is a need for written consent or court order. 

  • Can you stop paying your spouses insurance?

After the divorce, you and your partner will stay away from each other. It means that you both will have to pay for a new house and household. Starting a new life can be expensive for both of you. Additionally, both of you will also have to pay for the child’s education, growth, and other rights equally. At such times, it is okay to stop paying for any joint policies that you two had.

Couples buy joint policies for a better future for the family. But when you are separated, there is no point in this. After you file the divorce case, Automatic Temporary Restraining Orders become effective. It ensures that no party can unilaterally cancel health or any other policies.

Wrapping it up We understand that you do not know all the family court laws. That is why lawyers exist. Even if you are separating by mutual decision outside the court, do not try to resolve the child’s custody on your own. Anything done wrong unknowingly can be used against you by your ex-partner.