Ways to Find Out if there is a Federal Arrest Warrant against You

On behalf of the Federal government (US government), law enforcement agencies like ATF, FBI, and DEA start investigating the activity of the accused that have committed a crime. The law enforcement agencies will collect the evidence against the accused person and get an arrest warrant on their name after taking the evidence to the federal magistrate. A person might only know that their activity is being tracked and pieces of evidence are being collected once a warrant is issued in their name. 

No individual wants marshals knocking on their door with an arrest warrant of their name. You should consult ND criminal lawyer if a warrant has been issued in your name. But if you want to know about any warrant for your arrest or any federal investigation against you, read the post further.

Knowing more about warrants

An arrest warrant is against a person when the law enforcement authority has gathered enough evidence and information substantiating a person’s crime. Sometimes, when the name is anonymous to the authority, the warrant has a description of the person. Otherwise, it will have the name of the person. 

The warrant is signed by the magistrate judge and entails the description of the charges that the person has been accused of. Once the warrant is signed, authorized personnel can execute the warrant to summon the accused. 

Is there a warrant against you?

A general way to know if a warrant has been issued against your name is when the marshal turns up at your doors and knocks it with a warrant in their hand. It gives them the authority to enter your property and apprehend you. However, an investigation happens long before a warrant is issued. If you are skeptical that there is an investigation, you should consider consulting an ND criminal lawyer.

A lawyer will protect your rights and ensure you are not detained because of false allegations. Even if you consult a lawyer, a warrant will be issued, but it can prepare you for upcoming troubles. An experienced attorney can make a big difference in your case and get the best result possible.

All information regarding warrants is classified in a highly secured database, which is not accessible to the public. Thus, it isn’t easy to find out whether there is a warrant against your name, and the court will not inform you about it beforehand. A person can only know about the warrant in advance if the marshal has detained another accused in the same case.

Why hire an attorney?

You can only hire an attorney if a warrant is issued in your name. The attorney will help you to exercise your rights and get the best judgment in your favor. Not consulting an attorney is a blunder that can leave you in a dreadful situation.

Final Thoughts Getting your name into criminal records can hamper your personal and professional life in the future. So, always keep your name in the good books, and protect your reputation from tarnishing. An ND criminal lawyer will help you with this.