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When to Seek Help of a Criminal Lawyer?

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There may be certain situations in which people have second thoughts about calling a criminal lawyer. Or, some people may hesitate to ask for their help. In some situations, people must take help from a criminal defense attorney. They know all the required nooks and corners of criminal Law and can help you in the […]

The Criminal Law Process in America

The Criminal Law Process in America

According to the American legal system, the term “criminal law” refers to substantive criminal laws. Substantive Criminal Law pertains to crime and punishment. Substantive Criminal Law specifies: Acts that are considered crimes and the circumstances under which these acts do not qualify as crimes. Sanctions that are imposed on the individual/s guilty of committing the […]

6 Types of Crimes According to the US Law!

6 Types of Crimes According to the US Law

Criminal activities are those activities that may harm an individual or property or frauds, etc. Any act that does not adhere to legal codes or laws of the land is considered a crime. The US law divides crimes into the following categories: Personal Crimes: These are committed against an individual. Personal crimes include murder, rape, […]

Some Uncommon Criminal Offenses

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Criminal acts may be committed by one or more individuals. People who participate in a crime with the main perpetrator of the crime can also be charged for the crime. They may need to be present in the court when the criminal case is being tried. There are four degrees of participation defined by the […]

Must-Know Facts About Criminal Cases In the US!

Criminal Cases In the US

Criminal law is quite strict in the USA with severe penalties for the guilty. Although the original intent for the penalties was to punish the offender, the thought process behind the penalties has changed. Now there is an effort to reform the guilty individual. However, the legal system of the US offers the accused a […]

Criminal Law: The Purpose of Penalties

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You must have heard the statement- “No crime goes unpunished.” This is definitely true in the eyes of the law, especially criminal law. The meting out of punishments and penalties for committing crimes is an important aspect of criminal law, as this is the way the system attempts to control the rate of crime in […]

How to Choose the Best Criminal Lawyer?

How to Choose the Best Criminal Lawyer

If you find yourself a defendant in a criminal case, you will need an expert criminal lawyer by your side to defend you! A criminal lawsuit requires an experienced lawyer who is knowledgeable and skilled in criminal defense. The criminal attorney needs to collect all the relevant information and argue the case efficiently to ensure […]

What is Criminal Law?

What is Criminal Law

To provide safe and secure living conditions, countries have specified certain laws. These can be broadly classified as civil and criminal laws. While civil laws pertain to injuries or harm caused at an individual level, criminal laws address offense against the public, although the actual victim may be an individual. The three key elements in […]