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Criminal Fraud Charges

Criminal fraud includes deceptive conduct where an individual tries to gain some financial advantage over another through deceit or misrepresentation.

Our Criminal Attorney’s handle many forms of fraud charges, including:

  • Securities Fraud: Someone typically engages in securities fraud by making fraudulent statements about a company or security to pump up the value of the security or to decrease it. The individual would profit off this false information.
  • Credit Card Fraud: Credit card fraud can result in other, ancillary criminal charges. Stealing the card in the first place can result in prosecution for Criminal Possession of Stolen Credit Cards, a Class E felony that can send you to prison for up to four years.
  • Bankruptcy Fraud: Bankruptcy is meant to help individuals out of situations of crushing debt. However, many individuals may take advantage of the bankruptcy process to avoid paying back their debts while retaining many of the benefits that led them to bankruptcy in the first place.
  • Mortgage Fraud. A mortgage is essentially a loan of a large sum of money. Many individuals engage in mortgage fraud by misstating their assets and financial health so that they can receive a larger loan amount.
  • Identity Theft. Identity theft encompasses wide scope of extortion violations and is most likely the quickest developing sort of misrepresentation. An individual commonly takes part in wholesale fraud by putting on a show to be another person. The individual occupied with extortion can profit by taking another person’s advantages, making unapproved buys or carrying out wrongdoings under the name of another person.
  • Insurance Fraud. Fraud involving insurance can involve almost any type of insurance. Frequent targets of insurance fraud include health insurance companies, auto insurance companies and even life insurance policies.
  • Government Fraud: Somebody takes part in government misrepresentation by making false cases against the legislature. This can regularly happen with Medicare and Social Security benefits.

The above are just some of the more common types of fraud. If you or someone you know has been charged with fraud, you will want to speak with an experienced North Dakota attorney to learn the exact charges brought against you and your options for defense.  At Johnson & Autrey Law Firm the top priority is and has always been our clients and represented them in Grand Forks, Fargo, Bismarck, or Minot ND area.

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