Protect your right with Criminal Lawyers at Grand Forks

Criminal lawyers are the attorneys who protect and help in various cases as if theft , drug abuse, assault and many other.Certain things happen by chance and sometime we get engrossed in certain deliberately .Whatever be the  case Criminal Lawyers at Grand Forks will protect your rights.

Autrey Law Firm is expert in federal, state and municipal cases. We fight hard for you and protect your rights. Our team of experts will work with you and your individual case to build a strong defense. We help you to live a life without stress.

The various kinds of criminal laws handled by our Criminal Lawyers at Grand Forks.

  • Criminal Cases
  • Assault
  • Molestation
  • Court Marshall
  • Drug charges
  • Juvenile Defense
  • Sex Crimes
  • Felonies
  • Homicide
  • Theft and the list are long.


Being convicted of DUI charges can have seriously impact your life. You may face jail time or may face fines of up to $14,000. This all depends on how many prior DUI convictions you have on your record. In such cases you need the help of an experienced DUI Attorney.

The ultimate goal of our law firm is to get the best possible outcome in your case. Sometimes, that will mean enrolling in a treatment program or having an ignition interlock system installed on your car. We provide you with all the options and counsel you what may serve you the best. We give personal attention to your. We are dedicated to give best solution.

If you are convicted of DUI charges for the first time, you risk possible Jail Time, Fines, having your Driver’s license Suspended, probation and alcohol education class or community service.

Our lawyers can also handle any case related to assault as:

Aggravated Assault

Domestic Assault

Battery and Assault

Terrorizing threats


Disorderly Conduct

They go for a thorough investigation of your case, review the evidence which are against you and compare them with your account of events.

They question the witnesses .They may obtain video surveillance footage if it is available. You are given a sound counsel .Our only objective is to get the best possible outcome for you in your case.

Sometimes keeping substances will find your facing drug crime charges.

If you suffering from addiction or substance abuse or in case have been arrested for a drug offense. We are here to help you with an experienced team of drug crimes attorneys

We also defend individuals that have been charged

Drug possession

Drug trafficking

Drug Distribution

Drug transportation

Drug manufacture

Drug Laundering

Sell or Sale of drugs

Successfully fighting such kind of cases of keeping illegal substances, like cocaine, crack, heroin, methamphetamines, hallucinogens, and prescription drugs, is only available with our criminal lawyers in Grand Forks.

Burglary or theft is one of the most commonly encountered crimes investigated by the police. It is however impossible for the burglar not to leave traces behind when leaving the scene. The penalties you may face will depend on the value of the property have stolen. Our need an experienced attorney to defend your rights.

The Autrey Law Firm review the evidence the police have against you. They look for all possible defenses and will explain the options available to you. In case you choose to go to court, our attorneys will fight for your rights. We always take the charges against our clients seriously

Theft Charges Includes:



Shop Lifting


Stolen Property


Criminal convictions will show up on any background check. If you are convicted of theft, it ‘ may affect your future and may hamper  ability to get a job because accusations .So it is always advisable to go for a criminal defense lawyer who can protect your rights and let you live a stress free life.