Is it Possible to Join the Military in Grand Forks with a Criminal Record?

If you are willing to join the military force of Grand Forks, your past criminal record can make it complicated. Although the criminal record does not prevent an individual from getting a job in the military, it makes the process challenging enough for the person. The military of the Grand Forks is famous for recruiting the appropriate candidates by following a high-standard hiring process. 

The personnel of the Military Entrance Processing Station or MEPS interview the candidates to evaluate their cognitive aptitude, mental stability, morality, ethics, and physical qualifications. The recruiters even perform a background check of the candidates to investigate whether they have any past criminal record or not. Depending on the type of criminal activity, the candidate can even get disqualified immediately. 

However, the authorities can consider some criminal records with a waiver requirement. So, the recruiter evaluates the candidates’ surroundings and the circumstances to make the best decision regarding recruitment in the military. So, if you want to know about the moral standards of the Grand Forks military and what kind of criminal records can get waived, scroll down the page to read along. 

The moral standards of Grand Forks military

The military department of Grand Forks is known to recruit people with high moral standards to prevent disciplinary or ethical disputes in the future. The reason for such requirements is that people with low moral values can disrupt the military force’s morale, order, and discipline. Hence, the military in Grand Forks can disqualify candidates who:

● Are undergoing judicial restraints, including probation, bond, imprisonment, or parole. 

● Have primary criminal records. 

● Have done antisocial activities. Such behavioral traits of an individual can make the person unfit for the military. 

● Have stopped serving in the military under not-so-good terms or for the good of the service. 

The criminal records that can get waived

Some misdemeanors or felonies can get waived off depending on their severity. If the recruitment panel is hopeful regarding the recruitment, the candidate can request a criminal record waiver to ensure enlistment. The authorities can apply for a waiver in the below types of criminal records- 

● Ruining the peace of an area. 

● Conviction in a burglary case. 

● Getting convicted of an assault. 

● Convicted of possessing drugs. 

● Harassing or stalking someone.

Offenses that cannot get waived

· Statutory rape cases or aggravated assaults in criminal records cannot get waived. 

· If the applicant gets convicted of three or more civil offenses, the individual is not eligible to serve in the military. 

· Selling, trafficking, and distributing drugs and marijuana can prevent an individual from joining the military service. 

· Multiple DUI/DWI convictions within the last five years can make you ineligible for the service.

End Words Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand whether you can join the military in the Grand Forks with a past criminal record or not. Depending on the severity of the criminal cases, the recruitment board can decide which criminal offenses can waive and which cannot. Generally, some misdemeanors like burglary and assault can get waived. However, persons with significant criminal records cannot join the force seamlessly.