Is Credit Card Fraud a Serious Crime?

Credit card fraud happens daily across the globe, which might give criminals a feeling that the magnitude of the crime is light. But it is not the case. Law enforcement does not take this fraud lightly and tries to penalize the accused for the wrongdoing. Credit card fraud comes under identity theft and is illicit under the law. 

Credit card frauds are of various types, but their punishment and penalty are the same. Regardless of how the fraud has been perpetrated, the consequences of it are severe. If you or your acquaintance have been accused of fraud, it is crucial to take the advice of an ND Criminal lawyer to what the future holds for the accused.

Laws about credit card fraud

Most often, fraud of credit cards is committed when a person uses the card of another individual without their permission and authorization. Fraud could be committed in multiple ways, like accessing the card of a person deceitfully or taking the card physically from the owner. In the online world, people run deceptive schemes to lure people and defraud them by gaining access to their credit card information.

A person can be charged with credit card fraud when using it fraudulently. But sometimes, a person can also get charged if past stolen information has been used to open a new account. As mentioned above, fraud can be of many types, like using a skimmer to access the card, possessing fraudulent devices, and many more.

Involvement of the federal government in credit card fraud

When interstate or foreign parties are involved in a commerce transaction, the federal government steps in for the credit card fraud case. In layperson’s terms, if the Criminal makes any transaction with the stolen credit card or uses it in another state, they can be charged by the federal government for the scam. Credit card fraud comes under the wire, financial institution, mail, and computer fraud under federal law. 

Punishment for credit card fraud

One might need to pay hefty penalties if convicted of credit card fraud. One might get incarcerated for 15 years and pay a penalty of up to $250,000. The penalties and fine depends on the magnitude of the fraud. Sometimes, the court also orders the convict to repay the lost amount to the victim.

What should you do if accused of fraud?

One should not take the allegation lightly if charged with credit card fraud. You have all the legal rights to defend yourself against the charges. Contacting ND Criminal lawyer immediately is imperative. A lawyer will collect all the evidence against the plaintiff and leave no stone unturned to vindicate your innocence in court.

Final verdict A scam of credit cards is a serious offense, and one should not compromise in consulting an ND Criminal lawyer. Otherwise, the consequences can be dire and affect your future severely. Getting your name in criminals’ books is never good for your personal and professional life. So always hire a professional lawyer and save yourself from all the pressing charges.