The act of assault is intentional, and it is done by a tortfeasor or someone who commits the act. In any such case, the victim has the right to file a civil lawsuit. This is where the assault lawyers can be of massive help.

Criminal statutes for assault are available in every state. Prosecution by state courts can be done, and Assault Lawyers Grand Forks is also present to help the victims if such cases arise.

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There are lots of things to do if you are assaulted. First things first, consult qualified and experienced assault lawyers like from Assault Lawyers Grand Forks to get the legal process started. Possible defenses can be incurred from Criminal Attorneys in North Dakota or Criminal Attorney in East Grand Forks if you are present there.

Similarly, in case if a person is sued for assault, well-known assault lawyers like various Criminal Attorneys in North Dakota, such as Assault Lawyers Grand Forks should be contacted. From a Criminal Attorney in East Grand Forks, the accused will get the help of personal defense. The assault lawyers will see to it that how much merit the claims that have been brought on hold. The assault lawyers will also do representation in the court for the accused and the victim.

The main job of the assault lawyers that will be appointed by the courts is to assist you. There are several assault cases in which assault lawyers will help you. Some of these include-

Self Defense

Assault lawyers can help you by stating that the case of assault was not intentional; rather, it was due to self-defense. Hence, the assault becomes a necessary step to protect oneself from getting assaulted instead. Countersuits are always open on such cases, and reasonable points have to be produced by assault lawyers to help you get through the case.


In other cases, defendants get the privilege to commit assaults under certain specified conditions. The most common examples in such cases are police forces or army.


Consent is another part where the defendant will get supported by assault lawyers. When the chance of getting pushed or touched is strong, like in martial arts and sports, consent plays a major role where the assaulter may not be held as guilty.

Denial of Elements

To get the punishment, victims require providing concrete proof of all the necessary elements leading up to the assault. Assault lawyers can help the defendants by disproving any of the necessary elements. In such cases, any assault claims or charges will be dropped.