How can a theft attorney help protect your rights?

If you or maybe your loved one is being charged with a robbery or being prosecuted for stealing that you feel you are not responsible for then you definitely need a legal representative to get you out from this trouble.

These are called theft charges and are very common. Being charged with such a crime is a serious offense and is punishable by jail or prison time. In addition, the offender may have to pay heavy fines and hard punishment that may have far-reaching consequences for you and your family.

Different Types of Crimes:

A theft attorney Grand Forks is primarily concerned with protecting the rights of the clients. They often handle cases of many types. The most common cases include bank fraud, burglary, and even writing bad checks are also a crime. Stealing someone’s identity is also a form of crime. Counterfeiting and embezzlement are some other types.


Shoplifting is another common type of case that a theft attorney deals with. The consequences of this case may vary from restitution to fines to a long-term prison sentence. The number of goods stolen, the criminal history, and the zealousness of the prosecution plays a major role in determining in deciding the punishment of the crime.

These days, workplace theft is quite prevalent for which the employers seek out theft attorneys to help them out in policy-making. The people are trying to create anti-workplace theft policies that need to consult the theft attorneys Grand Forks in order to know the most-effective ways in which they can craft policies that have the full backing of the law.

Finding the right lawyer

It becomes vital to contact a theft attorney once you find yourself facing such serious charges. Never assume that you can handle the case on your own and thus, you should rely only on a professional to get through this case. The attorneys have the right experience and training in fighting for individuals who find themselves in a situation that a regular lawyer might not be able to handle. On hiring a reputed theft lawyer, you can be free of worries and can leave all the litigation matters to your lawyer. They will be responsible for all the paperwork and will represent you in front of the courts. The attorney will begin with the consultation that means gathering all of the details and listening to our side of the case.

They very well know how to handle and dispute the validity of any evidence if found against you. Depending on the exact charges against you, the lawyer may help to either reduce the charges or dismiss it entirely.

At Autrey law firm, our theft attorneys are well-experienced and reputable. We will analyze your case carefully and come up with the best strategy to win your case.

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