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Computer and internet crimes or cyber-crimes are described as any criminal act that involves illegal dealing with computers and internet networks. These crimes are vast and expansive that can include anything from downloading illegal data to stealing identity.

The most common types of cyber-crimes:

It is an illegal act often used to steal user data including login credentials, credit card numbers, and other financial information from unsuspecting internet users. Phishing attacks can adversely affect the company’s reputation and can cause significant legal liabilities.


Hacking is a wrongful act to access someone’s computer system without permission from the intruder. The invaders are computer programmers with advanced knowledge of computers that they misuse for various reasons.

They make use of various techniques including SQL injections, FTP password, cross-site scripting, or XSS to retrieve crucial information of the users.

Computer tampering

It is unauthorized access to programs, data, or the computer to do a wide range of wrongful activities. These include illegal data sharing, and modifying the content of the website. You may be guilty of this crime if you knowingly use someone’s computer system without authorization or is protected by a password or another security feature.

Computer trespass

A person is guilty of computer trespass if he is knowingly using the computer system without authorization with the intent to damage, destroys, or gain access to computer material or has the intention to commit any felony. This act of crime comes under the class E felony.

Data leakage

This can be described as the unauthorized leakage of someone’s confidential information present in a computer system. This task can be accomplished by the intruder either by physical means or by attacking the different types of storage devices.


It is a cybercrime involving gaining access to a secured site by means of pretending to be an authorized user.

Drug trafficking

This act of crime is possible by using the internet ways to send and receive encrypted e-mail messages that allow the offenders to organize drug deals.

Malicious software

Anyone guilty of this crime tries to destroy sensitive information or cause damage to the software of the system. This is an internet-based software or program meant to interrupt a network.

There are different penalties for different types of technological crimes. Such crimes are punishable with a heavy fine and may charge you an undefined term of imprisonment. Concerning the severity of the theft, the legal consequences may vary.

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