Divorce lawyer Minot,ND


When a couple marries, they enter into a legal contract to stay together forever. But sometimes certain harsh conditions or unnecessary conflicts or changes in behaviour of any of them or due to compatibility and many times due to lack of trust or infidelity forces these couples to break this legal bond. We don’t suggest this to any of our clients. But in many cases, it is unavoidable as well. Thus, when couples eventually decide to break off, Divorce Lawyer at Minot, North Dakota enters into the scenario to guide and help them so as to protect their rights.

What does a Divorce case involve?

A divorce case involves a lot number of issues like custody, alimony, division of property, or other harassment reimbursements. Alimony is the amount or the living allowance in which one spouse agrees to pay the other as a condition of divorce. It is also known as spousal support. Many times couples have children. The divorce lawyer in Minot, North Dakota also addresses these issues in finding out where the children will live. They also ensure that financial support for the children must also be provided to the parent who took custody of the child.

Why Divorce Lawyers in Minot, North Dakota.

We at Autrey law firm wholeheartedly assist our clients regarding divorce issues, child custody, alimony, and other areas of law cases. Our experienced lawyers know well to plan strategies according to the specific need of the case.

They very well understand that marriage is a beautiful alliance but for some in turns out to be a cruel ordeal. Such things vary from case to case. But our highly dedicated, skilled, and experienced team of lawyers can be referred for many issues like.

– Lack of compatibility

– Divorce by mutual consent

– Adultery/ Infidelity

– Cruelty

– Fraud/ Misrepresentation

– Conviction with an offense of moral turpitude

– Unreasonable desertion/ abandonment

– Impotence

– Venereal disease

– Conversion to a different religion

– Renouncement of world and worldly desires.

– Presumption of death

Contested or uncontested divorce:

A divorce case can be contested or uncontested it depends on the couples. If a divorce case is uncontested it means both the parties agreed on all issues legally without creating any hassle and are ready to dissolve the marriage. In such cases the role of the court is minimal. This process is fast and cheap.

In a contested divorce, one party doesn’t own one or many issues. In such cases, the court has to intervene so that they can reach an agreement. Such cases require mediation, which means a neutral third party that tries its best to help both the spouses communicate and to figure out their issues peacefully to reach a final decision.

Fault or No-fault Divorce

A divorce case can also be categorized as a fault or No-fault. When one spouse has alleged that the other spouse has done something wrong which can be an offense against the marriage then it can be called Fault Divorce. For eg: adultery, abandonment, or abuse.

However, in no-fault case, the party just wants to dissolve the marriage without assigning any blame or fault. In such cases both the couples claim that they are not compatible or have differences that are difficult to fill. In such cases, they mutually divorce each other.

Now whether the case is a contest or no contest, Fault or no-fault Divorce Lawyers at Minot, North Dakota knows their work well to sail you smoothly through the process. We have an expert team with us so as to support you mentally, emotionally, and legally.


Each divorce case is unique which our lawyers know well. They will help you understand the legal system according to your state and most essentially how to protect your rights through this process.

Whatever be the reason for separation, our proficient team of Divorce Lawyers in Minot, North Dakota strive to bring the best so as to honor you with justice.