Criminal Defense Strategies

A criminal lawsuit can have severe repercussions. If an individual is found guilty, there can be punishments such as the death penalty, life-imprisonment, etc. depending on the nature of criminal charges.

However, US law does not punish the accused unless the crime is proved beyond a reasonable doubt. A criminal lawyer, often, builds his case to show that there is reasonable doubt to get his client acquitted.

If you are a defendant with criminal charges pressed against you, your attorney will offer criminal defense to protect you from penalty.

Here’s an overview of the types of criminal defense strategies used by attorneys:

  1. Innocence

    This is a criminal defense strategy where the attorney proves that the defendant is not guilty because he did not commit the crime.

    The criminal lawyer defends his client by providing evidence and asking witnesses to testify in court to prove innocence.

    The prosecuting attorney tries to prove the guilt of the accused beyond all reasonable doubt. And, the criminal lawyer tries to prove that there is reasonable doubt in the case presented by the prosecutor.

  2. Self-Defense

    Self-defense is used as a criminal defense strategy in cases where the defendant claims to have committed the crime to protect himself/herself from threats or violent action.

    Self-defense is used for defending individuals found guilty of committing murder, assault, or battery.

    The prosecutor in such cases tries to prove that there was no reason for the defendant to take such measures. The criminal lawyer needs to prove that the defendant was at great risk and his/her actions are justified.

  3. Insanity

    When insanity is used as a criminal defense strategy, the lawyer is required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant suffered a mental illness or defect due to which he/she committed the crime.

    The criminal lawyer needs to prove that when the defendant committed the crime, he/she was not in a position to determine right from wrong. Or that the defendant was compelled by an irresistible impulse to commit the crime.

    Proving insanity is a difficult task. Only a skilled criminal lawyer can prove insanity to a jury beyond all reasonable doubt.

  4. Constitutional Violation

    The US Constitution entitles its citizens to specific protections. An attorney can appeal for a verdict of “not guilty” for the defendant if his constitutional rights have been violated.

    Constitutional violence comes into play when aspects such as circumstances of the arrest of the defendant or how he/she was treated, etc. are questioned.

    Each type of criminal defense strategy requires extensive preparation for the case. And, the criminal lawyer representing the defendant must be experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of criminal law.

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