Caught Red-Handed! Types of Robberies & Criminal Defense Law

Robbery is considered a crime across the United States of America. It is a matter that falls under criminal law. When a robber is caught red-handed, they can be charged with different degrees of a felony- first, second, and third- depending on where and how the incident took place.

If you’re looking for a definition for robbery- it is a felony where a person seizes the money or property of another person intentionally or unlawfully, by using threats, assault, violence, or force.

Types of Robberies

Usually, five types of robberies come under state laws.

  • Snatched!

    Those who have read Oliver Twist will be familiar with snatching, which is the least serious of the various types of robberies. It is usually a case where a person is pick-pocketed, or where their bag or purse is snatched by a robber who runs away almost immediately.

  • Deadly Weapons

    Sometimes a deadly weapon could be used during a robber, like a knife or another sharp object. The use of a weapon against another person increases the factor of danger. These types of robberies are more serious than simple snatching, and robbers can be charged with up to a third-degree felony.

  • Guns Kill People

    With any licensed individual being able to wield guns, it is very possible that firearms may be used during a robbery. This is an incredibly serious offense, as it places the life and liberty of another person in danger.

  • Home Invasion

    Home invasion involves breaking, and/or trespassing into someone’s private property, and taking their possessions. It is a situation where there are two crimes in one, and home invaders can be charged across all these grounds.

  • Carjacked!

    Carjacking involves the stealing of cars. This could be done on a small scale or a one-time occurrence. It could also be a situation of Grand Auto Theft, a term that would be familiar to video game fans.

Punishments for Robberies

There are a few consequences that are meted out to those who violate laws against robberies. Usually, there is a fine to be paid, the amount of which depends on the severity of the crime. For extremely serious crimes there could be a period of imprisonment. If someone’s life was threatened by the crime this could also be life imprisonment. For less severe crime, it could just be a probationary period. The use of firearms is always considered a very serious offense, merely having a weapon on you during the crime even if it is not used is enough.

Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help You?

Criminal defense law firms usually have a team of people ready to review evidence, procedure, and interview witnesses, even while the state builds its prosecution case. Nobody is perfect, sometimes you make mistakes, and sometimes you can be wrongly accused. A lawyer who knows what they are doing will be able to help you get justice if you are wrongly accused, or help you get a lesser sentence should your crime be less serious. If you are brought up on robbery charges, it is always best to hire a criminal defense lawyer.