Best Criminal Defense Lawyer Fargo

The expert and proficient Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fargo will solve all your legal matters. They handle different types of criminal laws and cases and help their clients to get justice. Following are the criminal cases and laws which we handle:

  • Drug crimes: – If you are charged with an intention to possess, manufacture, use or distribute any kind of drugs or illegal substance like heroin, marijuana or cocaine etc. We handle your case and try to prove you innocent or lessen your punishment. Our experienced lawyers deal with cases like Drug manufacturing, Drug laundering, Drug possession, Drug transportation and Sales of drugs.


  • Assault: – Assault can be of any kind, like Simple assault, Sexual assault, Domestic assault, Aggravated assault etc. The charges may be minor but it can turn out bad for you and affect your future. So, the Criminal Defense Lawyers Fargo are here to handle your case and will help you in the best possible way.


  • Molestation: – Molestation means touching or attacking someone sexually against their wishes. The punishment varies from case to case and depends upon the seriousness of the crime. The crimes like Rape, Sexual Abuse, Stalking comes under the category of Molestation.


  • Drink and Drive or DUI/DWI: – The charges of DUI/DWI can be very serious and can put you in a big problem. If you are found intoxicated while driving, you can be put behind the bars. But our Criminal Defense lawyers Fargo will handle your case


  • Theft:- Theft is a very serious crime. It includes identity theft, Robbery, Forgery, Fraud, Stealing Property, Shoplifting etc. The punishment depends upon the type of theft. Our adroit lawyers investigate the cases properly and try to get you out of the problem.


The crimes like Domestic violence, Homicide, Court Marshall, Juvenile Defense, Murder etc. are also handled by our expert lawyers. They burn the midnight oil to do the proper investigation of your case. They study each and every detail related to your case and handle the case very wisely. They are experts in their job. Our great set of attorneys is experienced in state, federal and municipal cases. Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fargo is very dedicated and trustworthy. We assure you that all your legal matters will be solved here. Our experts make you aware of your fundamental rights and always protect them.  They support you at every step and give you proper advice.

The most important thing which we demand from you is truth. You should not hide any detail from your lawyer. Trust is the main key factor between a client and  the lawyer. You must tell every detail to your lawyer, only then he can investigate the case properly. Whether you have done a crime by mistake or you are accused in a wrong way, Criminal Defense Lawyer in Fargo will leave a no stone unturned to protect you. So if you are also accused in any criminal law or case, you must visit Autrey Law Firm and take advice from our adroit lawyers. They will do the best to save you.