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In case you have been charged with an assault case or in the case of harming some other person or threatening someone may be physically or by your talks, consult our Assault Lawyers in Grand Forks North Dakota. Our assault lawyers will help you understand the legal options, plans, strategies, possible ways to defend yourself and others to avoid unnecessary penalties. They will also help you to negotiate with your prosecutor so as to come to a solution.

Your case also depends on where you live or the circumstances that you were facing while the things happened.This will be decided whether the case is a misdemeanor or a felony. Many people may not know about it. They don’t even realize but they should know that a charge of simple assault can be turned into assault with any dangerous weapon.Thus one has to be very tactful while handling such cases.

You cannot hand it over to anyone. Some of the assault cases are as follows:

  • Assault Charges
  • Assault charges can be a result of different circumstances, including:
  • A road rage incident
  • A fight in a bar
  • A dispute with a neighbour

If you trust us we can say that a simple misunderstanding can develop into a physical altercation regardless of the circumstances that had lead to the assault charges against you. Thus we suggest it is always in your best interests to hire an attorney who is experienced, skilled and has a record of defending those accused of any kind of assault. Your freedom could be at stake if you don’t consult them. Thus connect with our Assault Lawyers in Grand Forks North Dakota immediately when you are charged with assault.

Some assault cases can be filed intentionally or out of threat which can put you in apprehension (fear) of physical harm as well. You should also be aware of the fact that no touching, or physical contact, is required for an assault case to have taken place. The threat or harm alone can cause an assault.

An assault case becomes a battery when the threat becomes reality. For example, if a person just showed a gun to another and threatened to shoot them, an assault case can be filed. A battery occurs when the person follows or does what he threatened through or succeeds in shooting the person he has threatened. Both of the cases are covered under personal injury law. In such cases the victim has the right to ask for penalties for monetary recovery as it is a wrongful act.

Thus we suggest not to confuse these terms with those used in criminal law. Civil law has a very different set of rules. Sometimes the same term like “assault” or “battery” can mean something different else under civil law or in criminal law.

Contacting an Assault Lawyer

Now you understood things are complicated and are not very easy thus if you or a loved one is facing any assault case then ask them to contact Assault Lawyers in Grand Forks North Dakota as we can provide the experienced legal help you need. The initial consultation is always FREE for everyone. If we handle your case, there is no legal fee unless we get through it.

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