All About Cyber Crime and Cyber Security

What is cybercrime?


Any kind of crime that has been done with the help of using a computer, or in the internet world can be defined as cybercrime. It is the latest and also the most sophisticated form of crime. It starts from simple fake emails to email bombing, site crashing and also stealing online money and private information.

This is what makes the job of a cybercrime attorney so necessary in the present times. A cybercrime attorney can get you legal representation, and protection against the online crime.

Every one of us who use mobiles, laptops or any other computers can be a victim of cybercrime. The main targets of such crimes can be any person, any organization like corporate, businesses, schools, NGOs, government departments. It can be a big threat to any country’s defense system.

Some of the different types of cybercrimes are –

Cyberbullying – It refers to bullying someone online by throwing harassing comments, sending dirty messages, posting anyone’s photo with the wrong intentions, etc.

Cyber terrorism – It refers to creating an atmosphere of violence through inciting and provoking data or content. It includes hacking any site to spread wrong messages which creates a lot of chaos within the public. Cyber drug and arms dealing is also a part of this.

Pornography – One of the dirtiest things of cybercrime is pornography. It causes much insecurity among females. Sometimes it may cost the lives of someone for their self-respect.

Larceny cases – It starts from stealing personal details by online hacking like bank account details and other personal information and then the hacker can easily flush out the money from the bank account holder.

How can you stay protected from cybercrime?

Even though there is no such process through which you can completely escape cybercrime but there are some preventive measures that you can take up to remain protected from cybercrime.

Some of the steps are –

  •  The software that you use should be updated and also virus free.
  • Try to install some protective software on your PC like spyware.
  • Whenever you download something online, please check it out properly because sometimes some attached files may harm your computer.
  • Take proper care of your children when they use computers because they may not be able to understand everything and unknowingly might get harm.
  • The most important thing to prevent cybercrime is that you should never share any personal details like bank account no., passwords, secret codes, OTPs, etc with any unknown person on the internet.

There are several severe punishments against cybercrime which may vary regionally.

Even though if you fall in the trap of cybercrime, try to stay calm and as fast as possible try to contact a cybercrime attorney. He will guide you properly to proper legal procedures. Many people may advise you many things but always take the advice of a lawyer at such times. The attorney has to provide you justice. So there is nothing to get frustrated follow the legal procedures properly and help your lawyer to find all the details about the case.