Accused of Felony? Here’s What you Must Do!

Certain criminal offenses are designated as felonies. These are crimes against the state. Some examples of felonies are rape, murder, battery, assault, etc. Felonies are punished more severely than misdemeanors.

If a defendant is guilty of a misdemeanor, the punishment meted out is either short-term imprisonment or fine, or both. However, in the case of a felony, the punishment could be long-term imprisonment, fines, penalties, seizure of property, etc. Besides, if an individual is guilty of a felony, he may loose various constitutional rights like voting rights, rights to firearms, etc.

Whether you have committed the crime or are falsely accused, there are certain things you can do to support your case:

Remain Silent

The fifth Amendment of the US laws gives all citizens the right to refuse to incriminate themselves in a criminal case. Therefore, if you are accused of a felony and authorities question you, you have a right to remain silent. It is recommended that the accused does not answer any questions in the absence of his attorney as that might be used against him in court.

The only information you can give is details of your identity. It is better not to answer any questions related to the crime. You may be tempted to answer questions if you believe that your answers will help your defense. However, it is better to share that information with your lawyer instead of the authorities.

When an individual is falsely accused, he might feel like explaining his actions. But this information can also be used against him in court.

So, irrespective of the nature of the questions, it is best to remain silent.

Hire a Criminal Lawyer

If you face felony charges, don’t try to defend yourself because there is a lot at stake in such cases. Only an experienced criminal lawyer can defend you. A criminal lawyer is aware of all the state and federal laws. He has the expertise in preparing the best defense strategy to get you acquitted.

Find out What Type of Crime you are Accused of

Many citizens are unaware of the difference between felonies and misdemeanors. If they face charges of felony and they think it is a misdemeanor crime, they run a risk of severe punishment. So, it is in the best interest of the accused to find out whether he is facing misdemeanor or felony charges.

Tell Your Lawyer Everything

Be completely honest with your lawyer and share all details of the crime with him. It will help your lawyer prepare the best defense. If the accused has committed the crime, he might hesitate to make a clean breast of it to his lawyer. This will not help the criminal lawyer, and he will be unable to offer the best defense. Hence, it is recommended that you express everything to your lawyer whether you have committed the crime or not.

Prepare a Detailed Summary

It is beneficial to write down the sequence of events that led to the crime and the details of the crime as you remember them. Also, list down the names of any witnesses who might have been present at the scene of the crime. It will help your attorney prepare the case. Consult the criminal defense lawyers at Autrey Law Firm!